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16 December 2007 @ 02:24 am
Word Of The Day; 15 Dec; amiable&ambivalence  
Title: Fascination Street
Pairing: None
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Indra isn't mine, Eilidh is. Deal.
Length: 2514 words
"Word of the day" used: amiable and ambivalence

A soft mumble from her lips reached his ears though the morning air as he wrapped an arm around her half sleeping body. She didn’t want to have to get up yet, but there was noise outside, the tell tale signs that morning had arrived, that there was work to be done, which in their case was driving. It was another day away their destination, there the band would play and then they would be off again, it was kinda like an adventure, they never knew what was going to be around the next corner, they never knew what the next town would look like. It was a sorta of childish wonder in a way, it was amazing to wake up somewhere different every day, when you had the person who felt like home right beside you. He cleaned close, whispered in to her ear as she giggled slightly; she could feel his breath warm against her cheek as she closed her eyes again. He nudged her again as he yawned and broke the news to her that it was time to get up. Reluctantly she opened her eyes again, blinking in the sunlight as she stretched out and yawned.
“Morning sunshine.” He quipped, that broad smile on his face as she playfully smacked him on the shoulder and smiled.
“Morning babes.” She told him, leaning over and kissing him softly, his hand found her cheek and the space beside her, in one swift movement he managed to pull himself up and over her, leant his forehead against hers and smiled, looking down at her he kissed her neck, kissed her shoulder and whispered in to her ear;
“You’re beautiful.” He told her as he kissed her again before almost jumping out his skin as some one smacked the side of the van loudly. “Jesus fucking Christ.” He mumbled shaking his head as Eilidh covered her mouth, trying to stifle a giggle as whoever it was banged on the side again.
“Will you two stop making out and get the fuck up! I want my breakfast!” Mikey yelled as Eilidh just kept giggling, Indra however didn’t look too pleased.

She could read that expression on his face, he was going to kill his fellow band member in a playful way of course but Eilidh still found it hilarious. Indra reached forward and hit the inside of the van before yelling at the top of his voice,
“Fucking go then! I don’t disturb you when you’re with your girlfriend!” He left it at that, then turned back to Eilidh, smiled and was about to speak to her when there was another band, another yell.
“We fucking cant, you have the money dipshit!” Without a word Indra got up, and sighed looking at Eilidh almost disappointed. She sat up, took a hold of his tshirt collar and pulled him back momentarily just to remind him.
“We’re in a hotel tonight; I’ll make it up to you, if you can find me my t-shirt.” Almost instantly he did, throwing it at her as he laughed pulling on her own t-shit, getting changed in front of each other was more than normal now. “Hey, lets go get breakfast, there must be a pancake place round here right?” She slipped on her or - rather his - hoodie before putting on her converse.
“You better or it could be considered cruelty.” He informed her as they ventured out in to the world.

Stepping out in to the cold Eilidh yawned again, looking around she could feel the cold mountain air against her cheeks. They were somewhere in Colorado, in a small down named Dillion which nestled on Dallion Lake in the Rocky Mountains. She looked up, she had to look up to take everything in. Wow, just wow. His hand found hers, fingers laced in between fingers as they started walking, he could see that look in her eyes, wonder, as she looked at the mountains around them. They were caped with snow, she couldn’t believe that they were real. That these mountains were really there, that they were standing in this picturesque town in the middle of nowhere, it was like something out of a postcard. They left the van in the small carpark where they had stopped last night and went exploring, thought mostly it seemed everyones stomach was looking for food, Eilidh was more interested in the scenery.

They spotted a small cafe that was open and decided that it was the best place to start. The road was almost silent apart from the odd truck that had gone though, there were people out now walking up and down the road but it seemed that it was mostly locals. He had seen it though, the way she looked up and around as they walked, that glitter in her eye…he found that one of the most amiable attributes she had her complete ability to find the beauty around them no matter what the situation was.

It wasn’t out of place though, the mountains almost towered above the small town, a white top on them and the sides speckled by trees and snow as the spring heralded the start of a new cycle of life, the snow was melting as the buds began to appear on the trees, the birds were singing again, plants getting ready to flow and the daylight stealing back time from night. This was her favourite time of the year, mostly because she found it more symbolic than anything else. He stopped walking, waved to his band mates and told them they would catch up. He just watched her, watching the mountains as she looked up at the way they seemed to be almost vertical.
“Isn’t that amazing?” She asked him just simply as she looked back up, it was too big for her to get her head round, too huge for her to understand, all she could make out of this setting was that it was absolutely breathtaking.

Indra put his arm around her, and looked up as well, it was impressive but that wasn’t what was bugging him, out of the corner of his eye he watched his girlfriend, as she stared at the mountains. He knew what was wrong, it was just over a year ago now…the accident that was. Last week before they had left for the tour he went with her to her sister’s grave, he had felt ambivalent about it, he hadn’t really wanted to go…mostly because he didn’t really want to think about the little girl he had held dying but if anything he had gone because of her. The night before they had fallen asleep late, he had an arm around her as she slept quietly beside her, looking up at the mirrored ceiling he watched her sleep, and realised…no matter how hard he found it. How much worse must it be for her? He could swear that thought hurt more than the ordeal, he turned to her, kissed her sleeping forehead. So he had gone with her, been the one holding her hand, holding her as she fought back tears that he could fine well see anyway. It had been there he said what was probably the most important thing he had ever said to her, “You don’t have to hide it from me.”

“I think there’s a lake round here.” Indra said quietly tugging her hand in the opposite direction, nodding towards the lake. “C’mon lets go have a look.” They started walking, his arms around her waist the two streets down to the pebbly beach beside the lake. They could see it though the buildings, the light blue shimmering ice cold water that looked like glass, reflecting the sky, the line of evergreen trees and the snow capped mountains. “Or…lo-ck how ever you say it.” He watched that smile appear on her face as she laughed slightly, shaking her head.
“Lo-ch Indra…Lo-ch.” She tried to correct him but she knew it wasn’t really going to work.
“That’s what I said lo-ck.”
“That’s it.” Eilidh said almost flatly, she wasn’t going to try, he couldn’t get it. In his defence it wasn’t because he was stupid (though some debated that) it was just because his accent was completely fucked up and stopped him from saying just about anything Scottish. There was a moments pause before he let go of her and smirked.
“Race you to the beach!” Yelled before running off ahead, Eilidh just stood there for a fraction of a second before setting off after him.

It seemed so perfect, the while thing seemed so god damn perfect the Eilidh never wanted it to end, she caught up with him, he was standing there throwing stones in to the water with that almost; ‘what took you so long’ attitude. He threw the stone out across the water, the stone skimmed over the water, jumping across the surface she watched the ripples spread out across the water, hitting each other, bouncing off each other, until they just…faded away. He did it again; she counted them, one, two, and three; as she thought back, about how surreal this all seemed to her. Eilidh had been thinking a lot about the past recently, about what would have happened if she had never met him. The air was cold as she wrapped her arms around her, pulling the hoodie closer to her. The thought sent shivers down her spine, it sent fear right in to her heart. If she had never met him…and all this had happened…Eilidh was convinced she would be dead. He was the reason she was here, the reason why she felt like she had to fight her way though the really bad days to just be with him.

It was now she was realising that her best days had been with him, how easy everything felt when he was around, how she felt she could relax and be herself. He turned to her, that smile that just seemed to warm the world, warm her heart.
“Here, you want a shot.” He asked her, handing her a small flat round pebble.
“I can’t skim stones.” She replied flatly, not moving from her spot or pose. Sighing a little he shook his head.
“Yes you can, c’mon I’ll teach you.” With that he pulled her forwards down the beach and unfolded her arms. “I bet you can.” He continued as he opened her palm and placed the stone in it. “Right, you need to throw it in to the water…obviously, but it has to hit the water at the smallest angle possible, so the front side hits the water pointing up slightly.” He waited for her to nod before continuing on again, he rubbed her arm gently, it was hard to get in quality time like this every day when they were on tour, but he tried his best to make sure he had at least ten minutes alone with her, even if it was just them talking a walk around the block. She threw the stone in to the water, instead of bouncing it sank in to the lake.

Indra picked up another stone and handed to Eilidh before picking one up for himself. “You need to get down lower,” he told her before reaching out and moving her arm and hand so it was flat out. “Try throwing it from as far down as you can, like ankle level, then flick your wrist at the last moment…” He paused watching her and then just nodded, as if to say ‘you can throw it now’ she did, there was a grin on her face as she watched it skip twice before sinking in to the water. “See…I told you.” He smirked, taking a hold of both her hands and pulling her close so he could feel his body against hers. “You can do anything you want to Eilidh.” When he said it like that he couldn’t work out why she was here with him, but he wasn’t going to complain. With one hand he laced his fingers between hers, one by one, smiling to himself as he placed the other around her waist; it was just of instinct she knew what to do.

Wrapping her arm around his neck and leaned her head against his shoulder, she smiled if not to anyone but herself. “I know we don’t have music, but dance with me?” She nodded in reply; Eilidh wasn’t a talkative person in reality as hard as that was to believe. He was humming, she recognised the tune instantly. This was their song, she knew it would remind her of him forever, he was slightly out of key but it didn’t mind. She didn’t find it strange either, that here they were half past nine in the morning dancing on a beach somewhere in the middle of no where. It almost seemed like a fairy tale in some way. It was the moments like that that put everything else in to context. She started to sing along, just loud enough for them to hear and nothing else, the soft fabric of his hoodie against her cheek. This was what safety felt like. The world could end at this moment in time and it wouldn’t matter, she wouldn’t be afraid of anything. This was just them in their little bubble away from the rest of the universe.

“Why are you so far away, she said, oh won’t you ever know, that I’m in love with you?” Eilidh sang as she nuzzled his shoulder, and he stopped and looked down at her. He knew, he knew it because he felt the same way, sometimes he felt like he couldn’t tell her exactly what he felt because he didn’t know the words for it, as if all the ones invented already were meaning less compared to what he felt. Now he was starting to understand the people who had told him true love was beyond the realms of the describable, that you couldn’t put it in to words. That whole ideology was no longer bullshit.
“Eilidh…” He started; he watched the way her head snapped up to look at him, concern flooding her voice and eyes. He placed his hand on her cheek, caressing the skin with this thumb before brushing the bangs from her face so he could look at her dark brown eyes clearly. “I love you.” He told her sincerely, looking right in to her eyes as he said it, just so she would know that he wasn’t lying, he was telling her the utter truth. She nodded and he smiled and simply said;
“I love you.” To him as well, he was the only person in the world she could say it to and mean it.

In the moments silence between them as they just appreciated the situation, the stillness of their surroundings and each other she rested easy in the fact she knew who she was spending the rest of her life with. She was the luckiest girl on the planet.